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How to Keep Green Label Dye Brilliant

Recently asked on Linkedin Group:  Silk Art

How do I keep the colors intense? I use the green label Jaquard silk dye, dry 24+ hours, agitate it in fixative, rinse in cold water, and the colors become pastel. What am I missing? Help! Thanks.

My answer:

As many others have mentioned:
1. Steam set
2. Try Red Label or Dupont both must be steam set. I have been using Dupont for years and love the brilliant color. I do not like the price increase so have since moved to Jacquard Red Label and do not see any difference except saving money.
3. Depending on your purpose…I have found you can adhere silks to a surface without steaming IF you use a clear paste not a runny medium. I discovered using Golden Clear Heavy Paste I like the shiny finish but you can get satin finish. I adhere on panels, canvas. and wood.