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Shaving Cream Technique….Are You Kidding!!!

I found this jewel on SPIN facebook page. I cannot wait to try it . How about you?

Silk Jacket with panels of various techniques. Shaving cream technique, Parfait and several others. Reversible.
By Marcia of Silk Threads.


Pereira Shaving cream technique??????????? What is that Marcia??

Marcia Ferris

I love your questions. They make me think. I sometimes take a couple of cups of cheap men’s shaving cream and add some Dupont (liquid) dye to it and use it to dye. I have a long/wide piece of a swimming pool solar cover that is textured (any textured thing will do) . I lay it on a table. Mix some dye with the shaving cream and spread it on the textured piece on the table. Several colors if you like. Don’t put it on too thick, just enough to barely cover it. Carefully lay the silk on top and maybe pat it a little until the color and design show. Let sit for at least 5 minutes or until you like the design. Get someone to take one end of the silk and you take the other and carefully lift it up and hand it to dry. (I fasten mine to the edge of the table) It dries quickly and then I steam for a while. On this piece the back and sleeves are the shaving cream technique, the front is the Parfait technique. Entirely different. will explain another time.


Rashmi Agarwal intelligent

Marcia Ferris Oh yes, forgot to add. The wonderful smell of the shaving cream does not entirely wash out.


Brilliant Way to Copy Your Design

Don Baker

My magic pens just don’t work.  The ink disappears too quickly.  I use a bit of vine charcoal or charcoal pencil to transfer my images to silk.  Used lightly, they wash right out of the silk.  Its great because I can spend a day transferring my work for the week, then just move on to gutta and painting whenever I like.



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Getting Textures From Salt Water

Judy Szabo
Judy Szabo Artist and Silk Painter


This is a great tip from Judy Szabo on The Silk Painting Gallery Network

Try dissolving lots of salt in warm water and paint on already dyed silk wet or dry. The effects are amazing depending how much salt you use. Also if you paint the silk first with this substance, let it dry and paint on it you will get the most beautiful crystalized patterns. I have tried it with painting small flowers, it was lovely, unfortunetly I have no photos.

CLICK HERE  to see some of Judy’s lovely silk paintings.