How to Mix an Exact Color like “Seafoam”

This is an interesting conversation from the SPIN page on facebook.  SPIN  stands for Silk Painters International. Lynn was asking how to mix an exact color called  “Seafoam”.
Well any color can be mixed exactly but the names different companies give colors can sure vary. So first we need to see what color we want. 


Lynn McKown Meek said:

Help please: does anyone have a good formula for seafoam? thought I had one but can’t seem to move it off turquoise…now would be a good time for you to check your new color chart Don :) thank you!!


Suzanne Knight Dupont’s Vert Nil..lovely seafoam


Lynn McKown Meek thank you everyone…. clearly need to get that color from Dupont. Karen had given me a formula but I can’t seem to replicate it. going for the Dupont.


Don Baker

What color is seafoam?  is that like a yellow green tint?

1/8 teaspoon canari and a few drops of Blue Roy and 1 or 2 teaspoons of dilutant..Work up on the dilutant till it gets where you want it


Faouzia Ouali
lakhal maybe you can add a little dark color l like black


Lynn McKown Meek sort of a dull turquoise – thanks Faouzia – am going to add more black I think…..thanks Don but I don’t know any of those colors….I use Jacquard….Karen, where are you??????


Cicely Gilman Seafoam is a pale turquoise. It can have a touch of brown in it.


Elizabeth J. Cahill Yes, seafoam is between pale green and pale turquoise. I can send you a color sample if you need!


Francine Dufour Jones Here is a Jacquard mixing chart:     Jacquard Procion MX Dyes Mixing Chart

Producers of Jacquard silk painting dyes and paints


Lynn McKown Meek Francine – you are a doll! will try tomorrow morning….thank you everyone! I LOVE the SPIN site! so many good tips, ideas and great sharing my by everyone!


Francine Dufour Jones If you have a Pantone color formula Guide and pick what Seafoam looks like it will give you the exact formula for mixing the color you want. Susan Moyer explains this in her book “Silk Painting: The Artist’s Guide to Gutta resist Techniques” see page 68 bottom right and also the whole chapter on color starting Chap. 6 page 57


Francine Dufour Jones Sounds like if what you want is a dull turquoise that would be just mixing the complimentary color to turquoise orange or as Jacquard said a rusty orange…. Lynn let us know how it turns out for you. :)