How to Mix an Exact Color like “Seafoam”

This is an interesting conversation from the SPIN page on facebook.  SPIN  stands for Silk Painters International. Lynn was asking how to mix an exact color called  “Seafoam”.
Well any color can be mixed exactly but the names different companies give colors can sure vary. So first we need to see what color we want.  Continue reading How to Mix an Exact Color like “Seafoam”

Hot Wax

On The Silk Painting Gallery NetworkI was asked about the melting temperature for wax. Different waxes have different temperatures in which they will melt. Short rule of thumb is to use the lowest temperature to melt the wax and stay liquid. If you see smoke it is way too hot!

I use a fondue pot with a thermostat on it to regulate the temperature. You might try a small electric skillet or a crock pot if you can see the exact temperature on it.

There have been much discussion on soy wax lately so let’s start there.

When painting or applying wax if you see it turn white as you are applying it has cooled off too much. You must paint quickly. I usually hold a plate under my brush to keep the wax from falling on silk before I intend it to.

These instructions are from one supplier: Prochemical


Please read directions carefully before starting. Continue reading Hot Wax