Pre-treating Silk

On the Silk Painting Network I had asked one of our members Liena Dieck if she pre-coats her silk to achieve the fine detail in her silk paintings. I was amazed at how she created her beautiful portraits.


“Esperanza” by Lieana Dieck

I love that one of her missions is to help silk painting be more accepted as a fine art form.

Make sure you check out Liena’s pageShe recently posted a step by step illustration of one of her methods on her Silk Painting Network page. 

Her website is

I wanted to share this with everyone in case you missed it. This is what she said…

“To answer your question, I do pre-treat my stretched silks before I paint on them with dyes.
 I do not use gutta or any turpentine-based product that companies make to stop

the flow of dyes on silk (I think, Dupont sells something that in French is called Continue reading Pre-treating Silk