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You have many options for supplies depending on your purpose.
Things to consider are:
silk dyes or silk paints
setting silk by iron, steam, chemical
resist such as gutta, water based resist, solvent based and how to remove or leave in

I recommend you read books or save yourself a lot of trial and error by taking the Online Silk Painting Course.

Here is a free sample class on materials: CLICK HERE

Brilliant Way to Copy Your Design

Don Baker

My magic pens just don’t work.  The ink disappears too quickly.  I use a bit of vine charcoal or charcoal pencil to transfer my images to silk.  Used lightly, they wash right out of the silk.  Its great because I can spend a day transferring my work for the week, then just move on to gutta and painting whenever I like.



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Wash Your Silk Before Working It

Fiona Stolze

Wash Your Silk Before Working It

It’s always a great idea to wash your silk before working with it for a few reasons.

  • it removes the gum from the worms and coccoons
  • it removes all starches and chemicals used in the preparation of the silk
  • it allows better application and absorbency of the dye
  • it allows the gutta/resist to work better

Happy painting!

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