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This blog is about sharing some wonderful tips I have learned from experience and from other silk painters all over the world. Some tips come from discussions on Silk Painting Gallery Network, SPIN facebook page, my students in class online and in person, my wanderings on the Internet looking for information and of course trial and error experiments.



You have many options for supplies depending on your purpose.
Things to consider are:
silk dyes or silk paints
setting silk by iron, steam, chemical
resist such as gutta, water based resist, solvent based and how to remove or leave in

I recommend you read books or save yourself a lot of trial and error by taking the Online Silk Painting Course.

Here is a free sample class on materials: CLICK HERE

Getting Textures From Salt Water

Judy Szabo
Judy Szabo Artist and Silk Painter


This is a great tip from Judy Szabo on The Silk Painting Gallery Network

Try dissolving lots of salt in warm water and paint on already dyed silk wet or dry. The effects are amazing depending how much salt you use. Also if you paint the silk first with this substance, let it dry and paint on it you will get the most beautiful crystalized patterns. I have tried it with painting small flowers, it was lovely, unfortunetly I have no photos.

CLICK HERE  to see some of Judy’s lovely silk paintings.